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Episode Choose Your Story: Get Unlimited free Gems and Passes

Episode Choose Your Story is all about storytelling. It’s a fun game that allows you to create your own stories and see the stories that other gamers have created on the platform.

It’s quite different from other interactive story mobile games you've been seeing around lately. Not many games provide the same immersive experience as Episode Choose Your Story.

To succeed in the game, you need to have several important resources. The most important game resources to have in good supply are Episode free gems and passes.

Episode gems are by far the most valued in-game currency that you should have in plenty while episode passes are helpful because they allow you to either skip or fast forward a chapter so you can ace through the game easily.

You need plenty of these resources to move forward in the game. However, just like in most games, these two important resources are extremely limited.

How to Get Free Episode Gems and Passes

There are several ways of getting Episode Choose Your Story resources including the following:

  • Get free gems as a reward for connecting your social media account with the game's app.
  • Completing events depending on your place in the top charts
  • Daily challenges that award you with free gems and passes
  • Playing new stories to get more hourly free passes on episode.
  • The most effective and easiest way to earn free episode gems and free passes is by using an Episode Choose your story hack tool.

Additional Episode Hack Tips and Tricks

Besides having sufficient amounts of Episodes passes and gems, here are a few more tips and Episode cheats to help you stand out from the rest of the Episodes crowd and play like a pro:

Looks Count

In this game, your leading character’s look is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to be popular fast.

Always find the latest dress style to make sure that your protagonist has an attractive look and a decent sense of dressing.

If you keep up with the game’s latest fashion trends, you may possibly become a fashion symbol in the virtual world.

Analyze Other Stories Stats to Learn What is Trending

The good thing about Episodes is that you can easily find stats and other important data about popular stories.

There are also additional apps that show you the rankings, rating, reviews, and more information about other stories that are doing well in the game so you can use them as some sort of Episode cheats.

Take time to check and analyze the data to find out what you need to do to make your story more popular.

Get the Readers Emotionally Attached to Your Leading Character

The most effective way of making the readers become more emotionally attached to your main character is by showing character traits through actions rather than telling the readers directly what traits your character has.

Avoid narrating about your character to your audience but show them actions that will make them discover the character traits by themselves. In this way, your readers will develop a deeper attachment with your leading character.

About Episode Choose Your Story - The Game

Episode is an easy-to-play choice-based mobile game. You can download the game free of charge on both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The game has a mobile creation tool that allows you to become a creator without necessarily knowing how to code. The game also allows creators to mail in their ideas which ensures there's always fresh content every week.

So far, the game has over 4.4 billion episodes viewed across 8,400 stories. There are over 100,000 stories in the game so far. The number of weekly active players of the game has been growing over time and currently stands at around 5 million.

The game has several story modes in different genres such as Romance, Mystery, Drama, and Adventure to mention a few.

When you choose your story mode you will be given a brief introduction to creating your background. You will then be given a scene to start with. Your first choice takes you to another stage that gives you the consequences of your choice.

Every scene is made of different choices that determine your next course of action. Every option opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities to create new stories. Episode is a fun and highly engaging choice-based mobile game.

Wrapping Up!

Like most free games, you'll also see several in-app purchases that you can buy in the game. To succeed, you need a good supply of Episode free passes and gems. There are several ways of getting the resources including the use of an online resources generator or Episode Gems hack.

The most important thing, however, is to ensure that you have fun when choosing and building your story in the game.

Also, if you are done with the episode, we also have Monopoly Go Free Dice links to help you get over the game.

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